Downloading quotes from

In my pursuit of making a great mobile application to show quotes from
various author, philosophers and thinkers I created a python tool to
download in bulk quotes from The tool is
simply called “wikiquotes-downloader”. “wikiquotes-downloader” is aimed
at downloading all quotes from a certain individual from Wikiquote’s
website. For instance if you ask for quotes from “Friedrich Nietzsche”,
the tool will visit “Friedrich Nietzsche” Wikiquote
and will create
a JSON object containing quotes from “Friedrich Nietzsche”. In the
process “wikiquotes-downloader” will remove any quote that is not from
the individual in question (e.g. misattributed quotes will be removed).
The tool is also capable of language detection and will only grab the
quotes in English. Furthermore the result is clean from any wikitext or
html metadata. “wikiquotes-downloader” is hosted on

To use the tool clone the github repository using the following
git clone

Run the following command
python --author

For instance to download quotes from “Friedrich Nietzsche”:
python --author "Friedrich Nietzsche"

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