1. Downloading quotes from wikiquote.org

    In my pursuit of making a great mobile application to show quotes from various author, philosophers and thinkers I created a python tool to download in bulk quotes from wikiquote.org. The tool is simply called "wikiquotes-downloader". "wikiquotes-downloader" is aimed at downloading all quotes from a certain individual from Wikiquote's …

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  2. Memory management in KExts

    One of the first challenges I faced when programming KExt is how to allocate and manage memory in Kernel Extensions on Mac OS X. IO Kit memory management is quite different from regular standard C++ management. Here are a couple of differences you should bear in mind all the time …

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  3. Understanding the Linux Kernel - Review

    Title,Authors,Publisher,Publication Date,ISBN
    Understanding the Linux Kernel Third Edition,Daniel P. Bovet and Marco Cesati P.h.D.,O'Reilly,November 2005,0596005652

    This wonderful piece of technical work from Daniel P. Bovet and Marco Cesati explains the internal workings of the Linux Kernel, one of …

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