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  1. One Git repo for two applications using QT

    I am looking at creating a project which will involve having two applications, one of the Desktop, the other on my Jolla phone which will communicate with each other. Both applications will share a lot of functionality. The question becomes how to minimise the amount of code written and manual …

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  2. Good news for Jolla (and Sailfish OS)

    Sailfish OS, the operating system running on the Jolla phone has received strong backing from the Russian government. Sailfish OS, offers the alternative countries like Russia seek from major players like Android and iOS (Apple's mobile phone operating system). This increases the long term viability of the Sailfish platform and …

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  3. Building Jolla applications from the command line

    While I like the Jolla phone and the ecosystem, I am not fond of the development tools. I guess many other Jolla developers have found the Sailfish IDE (QT Creator) quite cumbersome, and are trying to find alternatives. As far as I know the only viable alternative is the command …

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  4. My first Jolla app - Quotes

    Finally I finished working on my first Jolla application - Quotes. Quotes is an application allowing you to browse over a collection 9000+ quotes from 100 different authors. The application does not require any internet connections and browsing through the quotes is straightforward. Quotes is open source and the source code …

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