One Git repo for two applications using QT

I am looking at creating a project which will involve having two applications, one of the Desktop, the other on my Jolla phone which will communicate with each other. Both applications will share a lot of functionality. The question becomes how to minimise the amount of code written and manual coordination between the two applications.

In essence here is what I want to avoid:
1 - Having multiple Git repositories
2 - Having to track functionality updates between the two applications to avoid conflicts

Here is a simple solution, use QT on both ends and have two QT projects, one for the mobile application, one for the desktop application. Both projects will sit in the same Git repository and will share code. All that is needed to do is to carefully track the files in the .pro files.

This may sound trivial but it is an elegant solution and if you ever come across the same problem and search for it online, I hope this article will come up and show you there are alternatives to having libraries.