Productivity series: Eliminating web distraction through Leechblock

Let me share one of the main reason why I still use Firefox and not Chrome (despite Chrome being an amazing browser). That reason is Leechblock.

The Internet may have brought a lot of amazing thing, when it comes to work the Internet can easily become a source of distraction. There is evidence showing that distractions can harm productivity, see [1]. Unfortunately for many of you like me, you do your job on a computer and you have to cope with distractions.

I use Leechblock a Firefox plugin to manage how much time I spent being distracted on random parts of the internet. Using Leechblock you can catalog a series of websites on the internet and restrict access to them to certain hours or place a time limit. You can even specify how Leechblock restrict access. My recommendation is to put a delay. Blocking outright Leech websites will encourage you to break the rules, whereas putting a delay will simply dissuade you from visiting a Leech. If you really really want to visit the site you will wait the 30 seconds (or whatever number you choose).