About Me

Michal Parusinski is a software developer, with a master's degree in m mathematics and computer science from Imperial College London with first class honours. After his studies, he work within the research group Crypto at Université Catholique de Louvain on building cyberattack-proof chips, then he work on the business analytics software suite SPSS at IBM and finally on the decommision of mainframes at Amadeus (Sophia-Antipolis). Recently he worked as a software engineer specialised in artificial intelligence for ICube-SERTIT (Strasbourg University) on processing satellite imagery following natural disasters. From 2022 he is working for Amadeus as a consultant from Eekem. During his studies, his career and in this personal projects, he developed an expertise in programming in C++, Java, Python, Haskell as well as Javascript and in diverse IT technologies like Linux, SQL databases, web APIs, continuous developement/deployment as well as big data and cloud technologies. He also enjoys board games, and martial arts, in particular he practices taekwondo ITF in Strasbourg.

Cirriculum Vitae [ENGLISH]

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